Pet Luxury Boarding

Palm Valley Veterinary Center extends its commitment to exceptional pet care with our luxury boarding services. While you attend to your responsibilities, rest assured that your beloved pets will experience a home away from home at our advanced boarding facility.

Facilities and Amenities

Indulge your beloved pets in the lap of luxury with our premium pet boarding services at Palm Valley Veterinary Center. Advanced facility in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, ensures a comfortable and stress-free retreat for your furry companions. Tailored to meet each pet’s unique needs, our luxury boarding includes spacious accommodations, personalized attention, and daily activities. From our canine to the feline companion, we prioritize their well-being, providing a home away from home. Trust Palm Valley Veterinary Center for an unparalleled blend of professional care and opulent comfort, ensuring your pets receive the luxury treatment they deserve.

Services and Complimentary Offerings

At Palm Valley Veterinary Center, we transcend the conventional to ensure an extraordinary experience for your cherished pets during their stay. Our boarding services are meticulously curated to enhance their well-being:

Daily Exercise Sessions for Dogs: Immerse your canine companions in the joy of daily walks within our secure outdoor area. Tailored to their energy levels and preferences, these sessions ensure physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Enrichment Activities for Cats: Our feline guests indulge in various stimulating activities and playful interactions, accompanied by carefully selected toys. This tailored approach keeps our discerning cats entertained, engaged, and content throughout their stay.

Medical Oversight within our Veterinary Hospital: With our boarding facility seamlessly integrated into our veterinary hospital, your pet’s health is our top priority. Immediate access to medical care is assured, providing you peace of mind during your pet’s time with us.

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Owner Requirements

To ensure the well-being of all our guests, we kindly request owners to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Up-to-Date Vaccinations: All pets must be current on vaccinations, providing a healthy and safe environment for all guests.
  • Medication Instructions: For pets requiring medication, please provide detailed instructions to ensure proper administration.
  • Emergency Contact Information: In case of unforeseen circumstances, accurate and reachable emergency contacts are crucial.

Your Pet’s Home Away from Home

Palm Valley Veterinary Center takes pride in offering excellent pet luxury boarding services in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Your pet’s happiness and well-being are our top priorities. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s stay and experience the difference of our premium boarding services.

Visit Palm Valley Veterinary Center for a seamless blend of professional veterinary care and luxury pet boarding – because your pets deserve the best.