Pet Grooming

Welcome to Palm Valley Veterinary Center, where our skilled groomer prioritize your beloved pets’ beauty, health, and welfare. We offer comprehensive pet grooming in Ponte Vedra Beach to enhance their well-being and keep them looking and feeling their best. Call to schedule with Liz.

The Grooming Process: What to Expect

At Palm Valley Veterinary Center, the grooming process goes beyond the basics. When you bring your pet in for grooming, you can expect:

External Inspection: A comprehensive check to identify any health or skin issues.

Consultation: Liz engages with owners to understand their preferences and address specific concerns.

Nail Trimming & Filing: Meticulous care to keep paws healthy and comfortable.

Ear Cleaning: Gentle cleaning to prevent ear problems.

Bathing: A refreshing bath for a healthy coat.

Styling (for dogs): Tailored to enhance their natural beauty and ensure they leave feeling their best.

a dog wrapped in a blanket

Owner Requirements for a Smooth Grooming Experience

To ensure a seamless grooming experience, we kindly request owners to:

  • Communicate Specific Needs: Share any health concerns or specific requirements during the consultation.
  • Regular Appointments: Schedule regular grooming appointments for consistent care.
  • Vaccines and Prevention: Ensure pets are up-to-date on vaccinations for a safe grooming environment.
  • Open Communication: We encourage your honest opinion. If there’s anything you’re not completely thrilled with, please tell Liz at pick up.

Pamper Your Pet at Palm Valley Veterinary Center

Our experienced and professional groomer provides personalized care, ensuring your pets leave looking and feeling their best. Call (904) 789-8387 to schedule a grooming today to treat your furry friends to a tailored and attentive grooming experience. At Palm Valley Veterinary Center, we make pet grooming a positive and enriching experience for your cherished companions.