Heartworm Disease and Prevention in Pets

Heartworms are dangerous and potentially lethal parasites that affect millions of pets every year. The parasite is spread by mosquitoes, and once transmitted, the heartworms grow and develop inside a pet’s heart and lungs, leading to severe health problems. The good news? Heartworm prevention is highly effective and can safeguard your pet from this deadly [...]

Thyroid Disease in Cats and Dogs: FAQs

While cats and dogs occupy similar spaces in our homes and hearts, they are different species whose bodies function to their species’ needs. Cats and dogs also develop different conditions and disease types. One example in which these species greatly differ is the manner in which they experience thyroid disease. While both species are prone [...]

Is Your Pet Trying to Tell You Something? An Arthritis Quiz

Arthritis is one of the most common chronic conditions that affect dogs and cats. But, despite safe and effective treatment options, many pets endure prolonged pain, impaired mobility, and a reduced quality of life. Learning how to identify arthritis-related signs at home can ensure your pet receives prompt veterinary care and you avoid or delay [...]

Pet Arthritis 101

 Is your dog slower on your daily walks, or does your cat no longer jump to the top of your bookcase for an afternoon nap? Arthritis commonly affects pets, but many owners don’t recognize the problem because the signs can be subtle, or they attribute the changes to normal aging. Once the condition is recognized, [...]

5 Tips to Optimize Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

If you have a senior pet, you know they are wonderful companions who provide constant love, loyalty, and comfort. These exceptional cats and dogs deserve to remain happy and comfortable during their final years, but they require additional care and attention to meet their needs. Our Palm Valley Veterinary Center team recognizes your desire to [...]

FAQs About Pet Vaccines

Many current news stories are focused on vaccine controversies, and you may be wondering if you should skip your pet’s next vaccination appointment. Vaccines are an important part of your pet’s health care plan, and our Palm Valley Veterinary Center team encourages you to keep your pet’s vaccines up to date. To help, we answer [...]

Pet Weight Management Guidelines

Those sad, sweet eyes. Saying “No” to your pet who is begging for a treat is hard. But, maintaining your pet at a healthy weight is important to prolong their life and improve their quality of life. Our Palm Valley Veterinary Center team understands that you don’t want to be the bad guy and “starve” [...]

Fun and Amazing Facts About Cats

Humans have sought companionship from cats for thousands of years. The number of cat videos on the internet proves how interesting we find felines, but their intrigue goes beyond their crazy antics. To help explain why cats are so enthralling, our Palm Valley Veterinary Center team compiled a list of fun and amazing facts about [...]

When Pet Ear Infections Become Chronic

Are your dog’s ears itchy, red, or smelly? These are signs of an ear infection, a common problem in dogs that is also occasionally seen in cats. Many pets experience an occasional ear infection, and these typically respond well to a short course of topical medications. But, some pets may experience chronic infections that don’t [...]

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